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The “Virtual” Telethon

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It is obvious that this year, more than ever before, a greater number of people are in need of our help.  And, ironically, since more and more people are suffering from the physical and financial effects of the Coronavirus, there are probably fewer people to count on for that help.  But the need for help has not changed.

In addition to that, ways of doing things have completely been altered, which brings me to the 35th Annual Dream Come True Telethon, which is held the first Monday of December every year.  RCN has hosted all 35.  I have co-hosted or appeared since the beginning and will once again be joined by the Executive Director of Dream Come True, Rayann Vasco.

The Dream Come True organization, in case you did not know, was founded in 1984 by Kostas Kalogeropoulous, a local businessman.  The goal of the organization is simple – fulfill the dreams of children who are seriously, chronically, and terminally ill and reside in the greater Lehigh Valley area.  Children are referred by family, friends, clergy, doctors, social workers, etc. and the dreams usually fall into three categories – trips, contact with celebrities, and special gifts (computers, shopping sprees, for example).  The organization has also helped with scholarships and, when sadly necessary, funerals.

This year, as I’m sure you have suspected, will be like no others.  In the past, telethon highlights have centered on the many school groups and adult organizations that stop by the studio for some good-natured conversation.  They tell the story of their reasons for getting involved in DCT, their unique way of raising money, and then they present a check to help satisfy the dreams of the children.  That format has worked for 34 years.

Not this year.  The Covid virus has forced us to go “virtual”.  Instead of having groups coming to the studio, we have had to figure out how to keep them and you involved, while maintaining a safe environment for everyone.  We think we have done that.

Because everything was done virtually, I had the opportunity to ZOOM with Dream recipients all across the country, something we could not do in our studio.  Their stories are amazing, and I mean amazing, and certainly demonstrate the value of your donations.  You need to watch them.  We  also got a bit nostalgic and went into our archives to find performances by the Dream Kids, our most popular entertainment over the years.  They will get you into the holiday spirit.

And it is not a Telethon without the help of my co-hosts.  Scott Barr and Devin Almonte will be joining the program again (virtually) this year. Scott and I have spent this night together for many, many years and I would not want to work with anyone else.  Devin joined us last year and did a marvelous job with the auction and the interviews with the children. Devin works for QVC and Scott certainly could.  They are terrific!  The difference is that we have all worked apart this time, but the cause remains a common one.  Here are the specifics:

2020 Dream Come True Telethon & Online Auction
Annual Dream Come True Telethon
Benefit for Seriously, Chronically and Terminally Ill Children

 The 35th ANNUAL DREAM COME TRUE TELETHON will take place on Monday, December 7, 2020 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. RCN customers in the Lehigh Valley (Channel 4 |1004 in HD), and Delaware County (Channel 8 |608 in HD), can watch live on RCN TV. The goal of the telethon is to increase awareness of Dream Come True, an organization that raises funds to grant the dreams of children who are terminally, chronically, and severely ill.

The online auction began Monday, November 23 and will close Monday, December 7 at 9:00 p.m. Please check the auction site frequently as new auction items could continue to be added!  You will find a variety of special items. If you want something really unique that cannot be found in any store, tune in and bid on the items.  You will make our night and, more importantly, help to make some child’s dream come true.  Just go to

Please check the auction site frequently, new auction items will continue to be added!  As I write this, there are 57 items available for bid.

100% of the proceeds raised from the auctions go directly to Dream Come True.  

Watch. Bid. Donate.

For more information and background on the organization, go to    

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support! Your donation will help make a child’s dream come true!

The important facts again are:

The Date: Monday, December 7

The Time: 6:00 – 9:00 PM

The Purpose: To fulfill as many hopes, dreams and fantasies for seriously, chronically, and terminally ill children as possible

The Phone Number to Make a Donation: 610-865-3475 (It is only a single line, so please be patient if you get a busy signal)

All proceeds from the online and on-air auctions go directly to Dream Come True.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration and support!  Your donation will help make a child’s dream come true! 


  1. How the mighty have fallen!  Watching the Michigan-Penn State football game on Saturday afternoon was a sad reminder of how this year the two mighty programs have regressed.  My hope is that we can blame it on 2020 and they both will back to their lofty perches next year.
  1. Did you know that this would have been the last regular season game in college football?  Rivalry games would have been played around the country and teams would be fighting for a spot in their conference championships.  Not in 2020.
  1. As the NFL continues to try to complete their season, two teams, the Tennessee Titans and the New England Patriots, have been fined $350,000 each by the NFL due to individuals not wearing masks.  New Orleans was fined $500,000 this week.  More and more games are getting postponed as the season progresses. Will they make it to the end?
  1. The Eagles did not have a first down in the first half against Seattle on Monday night.  Even though the defense played well, the offense again was awful until it was too late.  There are rumblings that Carson Wentz will be on the trading block.  But then what?  No QB can be successful with this offensive line.  So which came first – the bad QB or the bad offensive line?  Talk amongst yourselves.
  1. It seems college basketball grows on me as the season moves on.  Unlike college football, I do not get that interested early on and then it gradually grabs a hold.  By January, I start to get wrapped up in the matchups, the rankings, and the broadcasts.  I wonder what Covid will do to that process.

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