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Take 5

What can you do in five minutes?  Do the dishes, dry your hair, check emails.  The list goes on.  At ATVN, five minutes is enough time to give viewers the inside scoop on an amazing local organization, or how one person is making a difference in the community, or teach you how to do something new.  That’s Take 5 – a program that offers valuable information – in just FIVE minutes.

Below is Take 5‘s current schedule: 

Mon. 1/23 Bowling #1
Gasmine Mason discusses her background and her amazing career & accomplishments in bowling & public speaking.
Sun. 1/29 Bethlehem Library #1
Josh Berk reveals the history and mission statement of the Lehigh Valley’s hidden treasure, Studio 11.
Sun. 2/12 Bowing #3
Gasmine Mason talks about her new foundation, programs offered to young student-athletes and gives her opinions on the lack of diversity and pay disparity in the sport of bowling.
Sun. 2/26 Bethlehem Library #2
Josh Berk discusses more of the positive aspects and advantages provided by Studio 11 & other avenues for learning at the Bethlehem Public Library.
Sun. 3/12 Bowling #2
Gasmine Mason discusses her organization “Got Game,” its mission and the products and services she provides young African-American bowers
Sun. 3/26 Bethlehem Library #3
BAPL’s Josh Berk talks about the unique ways one can have “Fun at the Library” through very creative methods.
Sun. 4/9 PA National Guard #1
Teresa L. Ruotolo LTC, MP, Deputy Commanding Officer, 213th Regional Support Group talks about the organization’s reputation as the nation’s “First Defenders” and discusses current projects.
Sun. 4/23 Mountain View Horse Rescue #1
Volunteer Rose Wertz discusses the organization’s history and annual fund raising events.


If you have a suggestion for a Take 5 show topic, please contact Chris Michael.  Include a short paragraph describing your suggested topic along with preferred contact information (name, address, phone number and email address). Each Take 5 episode will broadcast from Sunday to Saturday for one week at the following times:  Sundays @ 7:25 pm & 10:55 pm;  Tuesdays @ 1:25 pm, 6:25 pm, and  6:55 pm and Thursdays @ 8:25 pm.  Take 5 may air at additional times throughout the week.

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