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Take 5

What can you do in five minutes?  Do the dishes, dry your hair, check emails.  The list goes on.  At ATVN, five minutes is enough time to give viewers the inside scoop on an amazing local organization, or how one person is making a difference in the community, or teach you how to do something new.  That’s Take 5 – a program that offers valuable information – in just FIVE minutes.

Below is Take 5‘s current schedule: 

Date Topic
February 6
February 13
Beckys’s Drive In #1
Chris Deppe talks about the history and rise of drive-in theaters in the Valley.
February 20
February 27
Becky’s Drive In #2
Chris Deppe talks about recent struggles with drive-ins & new innovations.
March 6
March 13
Sean Cousland – Irish Dancer #1
World champion Irish Dancer, Sean Cousland, talks about his start and early success.
March 20
March 27
Sean Cousland – Irish Dancer #2
World champion Irish Dancer, Sean Cousland, discusses recent accomplishments & current goals.
April 3 United Way 3
Cameron Hines & Anne Radakovits discuss how teens can make a difference.


If you have a suggestion for a Take 5 show topic, please contact Chris Michael.  Include a short paragraph describing your suggested topic along with preferred contact information (name, address, phone number and email address). Each Take 5 episode will broadcast from Sunday to Saturday for one week at the following times:  Sundays @ 7:25 pm & 10:55 pm;  Tuesdays @ 1:25 pm, 6:25 pm, and  6:55 pm and Thursdays @ 8:25 pm.  Take 5 may air at additional times throughout the week.

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