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 What a Streak!

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Do I have your attention?  You probably think I am going to talk about Tom Brady and the Super Bowl.  You probably think I mean the streaks and records that Tom Brady added this past Sunday:

  • Ten Super Bowl appearances.
  • Seven Super Bowl wins.
  • One more championship than Michael Jordan and Alabama head coach Paul “Bear” Bryant.
  • The same number of championships as Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, and Nick Saban. By the way, Bill Belichick, his former coach with the New England Patriots, has eight Super Bowls titles (two with the Giants and six with the Patriots).
  • Super Bowl victories for two different teams (only Peyton Manning was able to do that).
  • The oldest player to win a Super Bowl (43).
  • The most QB – receiver TDs in a Super Bowl – 13th and 14th to Rob Gronkowski.
  • The most MVP awards (5) in the Super Bowl.

Yes, Tom Brady accomplished all of these.  But how about the actual “streaker” who, it was reported, wore a hot-pink onesie and managed to elude security for about fifty yards?  That “streaker” actually made it to the end zone, something the Kansas City Chiefs were unable to do the entire game.  Defensive coordinator for the Bucs, Todd Bowles, had no answer for that guy.  CBS did not follow the longest run of the day because it is a rule not to give “exposure” to the rule breakers.  Most fans would have liked to see the replay.

Speaking of the Bucs’ defense, if there was a way to give an MVP award to an entire side of the ball, then the Tampa defense deserved one.   I think we were all waiting for the Chiefs to finally show what they were able to do all season on offense – get Mahomes free to magically find his speedy wide receivers and make things happen.  It never did happen.  Mahomes was sacked three times, intercepted twice, and never got his team into the end zone.  That was an amazing feat; an MVP performance by a unit, not one player.

Most do not remember when the Bucs were 7-5 this year and, in week 12, did not score a touchdown.  But they went on to win four straight before moving to the postseason, where they went on to win three more on the road.  And it was a very impressive road trip, winning the last two in New Orleans and Green Bay.

Can the Bucs repeat?  Brady is back for another season to finish out his $50 million contract.  Gronkowski said he will be back, too.  No team has repeated in 17 years.  The Patriots (with Brady) did it in 2004.  Can the Bucs (with Brady) do the same?  It would be a nice streak to continue for the Bucs.

Well, I realized that I lied.  I did talk much more about Tom Brady and the Bucs than I did about the guy in the hot pink onesie.  Thus, my streak of telling small fibs continues. 


  1. The Super Bowl commercials were a lot deeper and more serious than in the past, a reflection, I’m sure, of the trials and tribulations of the past year. For example, it was often hard to determine what product was being spotlighted.  Bruce Springsteen gave a unifying message representing Jeep, but Jeep was barely mentioned.

  1. A “Flat” Matthew McConaughey representing Doritos 3D Crunch was one of the most creative commercials. It certainly caused a “How do they do that?”

  1. The Eagles’ Carson Wentz appears to be headed to either the Colts or the Bears. If he goes to the Bears, then Nick Foles may return to the Eagles as part of the trade.  Interesting…
  1. Covid really affected the Patriot League basketball schedule this week. All Saturday games except Army vs. Holy Cross women were postponed and both the Lafayette men and women did not know who they would play or when until Friday night around 10:00 PM.  The season is taking on a “playground” type schedule, where you show up, choose up sides and play a game.  Plus add putting together a television crew, doing the research on the teams, and being ready to televise the game to the mix.
  1. The District XI team wrestling championships were canceled this week. Notre Dame (AA) and Bethlehem Catholic (AAA) were named the champions since teams were reluctant to participate.  The individual championships will be held on Sunday, February 21.  I think.


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