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What is a Great Game?

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The answer is Jeopardy!

I have always been very competitive.  I want to win at pretty much everything that is a form of competition.  With that said, I am not a sore loser.  When that happens, I do congratulate my opponent, appreciate their skill, and look forward to the next time when I have a chance to gain some possible revenge.

I believe this is why I am a huge Jeopardy fan.  I tape it every night.  I just love the battle and, knowing that ten million people on average watch the show each night, I am not alone.  That interest is created because every viewer at home can play along – every viewer can compete.  I am sure we all test our knowledge, subliminally become a contestant, and self-determine whether we won the night.  It is so easy to sit in your recliner and bet it all on Final Jeopardy and hope for the best.

But first, I need to do well during the first and second round and that depends so much on the categories.  Here are the Top Ten Jeopardy categories and my reaction to each of them when they are announced:

#1) Before & After – I have a fighting chance here having lived long before many contestants and continuing to live after.

#2) Science – Boy, I hope this just skims the surface of the category – E still equals MC2, right?

#3) Literature – As an English teacher, I should know the answers to these questions.  But just think of the added pressure attached when you SHOULD know these answers and the embarrassment when you do not.

#4) American History – Well, I live in America; I am old; I read the newspaper; I watch the news – bring it on!!

#5) Potpourri – I have always known a great deal about stuff that has very little importance until now when this category comes up.

#6) World History – This one ranks right up there with Geography for me.  By ranks, I mean as one of the worst categories.  I should have paid better attention in class.

#7) Word Origins – See #3 “Literature”.

#8) Colleges & Universities – I went to a college and two universities; I have degrees; I broadcast college sports – I have a fighting chance.

#9) History – Not “World” or “American” – what else is there?

#10) Sports – Now we’re talking.  I better know this (the embarrassment factor is, also, at work here if I miss).  And most of the contestants are knowledge geeks, but not sports geeks. I remember on one show when all the contestants missed all five answers when the category was “The NFL”.  I knew them all – so, there!

So each night, I give it my all.  I hope the Final Jeopardy category gives me a fighting chance.  I always bet it all.

I confidently yell out the answers and, for some reason, my wife takes great satisfaction when I am wrong.  I do not know why she has to laugh so hard at my ignorance.  I certainly do not think it is funny.

There is added interest in the game right now as various guest hosts have come on to stand in for the late Alex Trebek.  I have my favorites already, but that may be a blog for another time.

For now, the answer is “Jeopardy”.  The question, “What is my favorite game show?”


  1. The 76ers have earned the #1 seed in the NBA Eastern Conference. It is their third #1 seed in 44 years.  They last did it in 2000-01.  They did it in 1982-83 when they won their last NBA title.  They will have home court advantage throughout the playoffs.  They will start by playing the #8 team after #7 – #10 play-in round.
  1. There will be no Triple Crown winner in horse racing this year. Medina Spirit “won” the Kentucky Derby but failed the post-race drug test.  He finished third in the Preakness, which probably casts more doubt on the legitimacy of his Derby victory.  Rombauer won and paid 11-1.
  1. I have complained before that Major League baseball is hard to watch, primarily because of the pace of the game and the lack of action. More proof came out this week with1/5 of the season completed.  There is little offensive production.  There have been 1,000 more strikeouts than hits.  In April, the combined batting average was .232, less than one hit for every four at bats.  No team looks exceptional with only five teams just barely winning 60% of their games with the best being the Chicago White Sox at 62%.
  1. With the Covid mandates easing up, it may not be too long before I can actually announce a game from the venue. It was way back in March of 2020 that I actually attended an event that I broadcast.  I can’t wait to emerge myself into the atmosphere of a LIVE game again.
  1. The top four teams are left in the EPC playoffs after the quarterfinals – 1) Liberty, 2) Parkland, 3) Emmaus, and 4) Pleasant Valley. We will have the championship game for you LIVE on Wednesday at 4:30pm on RCN-TV.