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Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight on Astound TV Network is all about the exciting people, organizations, and events happening in your neighborhood!

Community Spotlight episodes are available On Demand for 60 days after its first air date. Interested in appearing on Community Spotlight? Please contact Dan Mowdy.

Watch ATVN Community Spotlight each week as host Dan Mowdy interviews those dynamic individuals, teams and organizations that are making a difference. Coming up on Community Spotlight:

The Great Allentown Fair & Fair Queen Contest Jessica Ciecwisz, Daryl Urmy, Cheryl Urmy, and Kamryn Fink
6/16 at 10:30pm
6/18 at 6:30pm
6/20 at 8pm
6/30 at 10:30pm
7/2 at 6:30pm
Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society Eric Loch and Aidan Berger
6/23 at 10:30pm
6/25 at 6:30pm
6/27 at 8pm
7/7 at 10:30pm
7/9 at 6:30pm
7/11 at 8pm
Summer Proofing Your Car Bob Berkowitz 7/14 at 10:30pm
7/16 at 6:30pm
7/18 at8pm
Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor Claire Wildermuth Sadler and Martha Capwell Fox 7/21 at 10:30pm
7/23 at 6:30pm
7/25 at 8pm