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Classic TV

Sit back and take in the classics.  The current ATVN schedule features the classic TV shows listed on this page.  Use the on-screen guide to find out what time and days you can catch your favorites.

Adventure / Horror
  • Captain Gallant of the Foreign LegionA captain in the French Foreign Legion tries to keep the peace in the region surrounding his fort in North Africa.
  • Space PatrolCommander Corry and youthful Cadet Happy roam the 30th-century universe in their ship.
  • Terry and The PiratesColonel Terry Lee and his friends are constantly in hot water as they fly from one exotic location to the next.
  • Petticoat Junction – The misadventures of the family staff of The Shady Rest Hotel and their neighbors of Hooterville.
  • CrossroadsFollows the lives of clergymen of all faiths and the problems they faced in both their professional and personal lives.
  • DragnetSgt. Joe Friday and his partners methodically investigate crimes in Los Angeles.
  • The Loretta Young ShowA drama anthology series hosted by actress Loretta Young. In addition to hosting the series, she played the lead in various episodes.
  • Man with a Camera – Former combat cameraman Mike Kovac is now a freelance photographer in New York City, specializing in difficult and dangerous assignments where he can get the kinds of pictures that other photographers can’t, or won’t take.
  • Judge Roy BeanWestern set in the Texas town of Langtry, named after Lillie Langtry. When storekeeper Roy Bean becomes fed up with the lawlessness in the town, he establishes himself as a judge and introduces a system of law and order.
  • The Lone RangerThe adventures of the masked hero and his Native American partner.
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