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Advertising Programs

Advertising on ATVN is the best way to reach your neighbors and potential customers, because it helps get the word out to thousands of people in your local market.

Advertising Rates – Valley Connection Bulletin Board

Business Ads $30/week
Personal Ads $30/week
Premium Ads
A business, group, or individual may use its own background, picture, logo,
or any graphic in an ad. However, the rate for these ads is $50 per week.
Please contact us for details.
Non-Profit/Community Events Free*
Pricing listed is for ATVN Valley Connection Bulletin Board Graphic Ads.
Terms, conditions, and rates may vary, depending on location.

To advertise, complete this form or call 610-443-2910 for information. An ATVN representative will contact you to review payment guidelines, if necessary.

For information about purchasing commercial airtime, please contact EffecTV at 1.888.877.9799.

 *Non-Profit/Community Events

These advertisements may run at no charge on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. Astound TV Network cannot guarantee that any particular free announcement will be run on the bulletin board, due to the large number of submissions for this service, as well as the number of paid ads on the system.  In order to provide a fair opportunity for free advertising, we will only air one free ad per group per week.  If more than one ad is submitted, and there is space available after all other free ads have been placed, consideration will be given to air a second ad.

If you or your group needs to ensure that a particular announcement will run on the bulletin board, you can pay to reserve a space for it. We offer guaranteed placement at $15 per week.  This will make the announcement a regular paid ad which will run for the same length and will include the same payment options.

Ad Specifications & Submission Requirements

  • SIZE: All ads have a space limit of 7 lines, with 25 characters per line (including letters, numbers, punctuation and spaces between words).
  • COLOR: Our standard colors are: white, black, gray, purple, pink, orange, red, yellow, brown, green, aqua, blue and navy. If you have any color(s) you would like us to use for your ad, please let us know.
  • BACKGROUNDS: All of our free ads are shown with a standard background. For paid ads, we use backgrounds that will “stand out” from the rest of the ads. We can accommodate requests for a particular background color.
  • Ad text and payment must be received by the close of business hours on Friday prior to start.
  • The start date of the ad should be specified in the order, otherwise the ad will be presumed to start on the Monday prior to the date of the event or event deadline.
  • When placing or sending an order, please include your name (for an organization, also include the name of the contact person), street address and phone number.
  • If you would like a copy of the ad sent to you, please provide an email address to us.

Air Times

  • PAID ADS: All new paid ads begin on Monday and end on Sunday. If an advertised event occurs before that Sunday, the ad will be removed automatically once the event occurs.
  • FREE ADS: Free ads are placed as space becomes available. Most of the ads start on Mondays, but are replaced with news ones as ads expire during the week.
  • FREQUENCY: Ads are viewable 11pm-9am on ATVN, or 24 x 7 on Channel 96 in the Lehigh Valley. Each ad has a viewing time of 20 seconds and repeats approximately every 45 minutes. When local programming is scheduled, the bulletin board will not be seen until the programs are over.


  • PAID ADS: The deadline for submitting paid ads is close of business on Friday before the ad’s Monday publication.
  • FREE ADS: We recommend that you send the announcement to us at least two weeks prior to the event. Since the ads are placed on a “first-come, first-serve” basis, the sooner we receive the ad, the better chance it has of airing.

Payment Options

The minimum order is one week.  We require payment at the time the advertising order is placed for ads running up to one month.  For ads running beyond one month, payment must be made in advance on a monthly basis.  If payment is not received, the ad will be removed until such payment is made.

  • Check (made payable to Astound Broadband)
  • Money Order
  • Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express)


The ATVN Valley Connection community bulletin board will not run ads for services and companies that compete directly with Astound Broadband (for example: cable, phone, Internet service, satellite dishes, etc.) Astound Broadband reserves the right to edit submissions that contain inappropriate material and/or run outside the established space limit.

Advertising Support

Below, please find details on how and where you may submit ads to ATVN:

MAIL ATVN Valley Connection
7249 Airport Road
Bath, PA 18014
FAX 610.443.2774
or toll-free 1-866-334-9980
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