Home Phone Service FAQs

Can I keep my current phone number?

In most instances, yes! In order to keep your current phone number, it must be ported over to our service. Phone number porting requires third-party verification. This is done to validate your request, as per FCC regulations.

You can submit the third-party verification online by completing an electronic Letter of Agency (LOA).

Your consent on the LOA authorizes Astound to act as your agent for the purpose of ordering changes in telecommunication services for the phone number listed on the LOA.

You can also complete your third-party verification over the phone by calling 1-800-427-8686.

Will my name and number be printed in area phone books?

You have several options of how your name and number will automatically appear in the phone directory, unless you choose otherwise. We have the ability to make your number unlisted, if you desire.

Will I have access to Directory Assistance?

Yes, Directory Assistance is available for a minimal fee.

Can I use my existing phone equipment with Astound Telephone?

Yes, your current telephone equipment will be compatible with our service.

Can I use my existing telephone jacks?

Yes, you can use any working jack in your home for our telephone service.

What if I want additional jacks installed?

We can install additional jacks, however there will be an additional fee per jack installation.

Do you need to rewire my house to install Astound Phone?

No, we will use existing wire whenever possible.

What are the international calling rates for Astound Phone service?

Rates vary by calling area, so we recommend calling our 24-hour customer care at 1-800-427-8686 for rates. We're working to achieve the most competitive low rates possible for you, and will post them online soon.