Digital Cable TV Equipment

The equipment guides below are sorted by model number. To find the model number of the receiver(s) that you have, please check the front panel.

Basic Installation Guides
Explorer 2000, 2100, 2200, 3000, 3100, and 3200 User's Guides
Explorer 3250HD User's Guides
Explorer 8000 and 8000HD User's Guides
Explorer 8240HD and 8240HDC DVR User's Guides
Explorer 8300 and 8300HD DVR User's Guides
Motorola DCH 200 Guides
Motorola DCT 2000 and 2500 Guides
Motorola DCH 3416 Guide
Motorola DCT 6200 - 6208 Guides
Motorola DCT and DCH 6412 and 6416
Motorola DCX3501 Multi-Room DVR Guides
Motorola DCX3200 Guide
Motorola DCX3400 DVR Guide
Pace Micro TDC779X DVR User's Guides
Universal Converter Guide
Analog Converter Guide
Cable Cards