Record and playback your favorite HD shows!

Watch high definition shows and movies on YOUR schedule. With an Astound HD-DVR, you can record, pause, rewind, fast-forward, and playback HD shows whenever you want. Plus, having an HD-DVR gives you access to all the high definition channels in your Astound television package. You can add this feature for only $17/month, FREE for the first 3 months*!


You can record two shows at the same time, even while watching a program you've previously recorded, so you never have to choose between programs that you enjoy. HD provides stunning detail and a sharpness of color that you can't get with regular standard definition. Plus, your HD-DVR unlocks our library of high definition Movies On Demand.



*Offer expires 4/30/2015. Click here for more details.

Promotional rates good for first 3 full months of service. Offer good for new Digital Video Recording customers or former DVR customers inactive for 60 days and in good standing. HD-DVR regularly $17/month. $2.00/month Interactive Equipment Fee required on first digital receiver or DVR only. HD-DVR includes local HD programming, select HD channels and access to Premium HD channels included with current premium subscriptions. Number of channels vary by area. Digital Access required for DVR service, HDT Pack, and Premium channels. Receivers are property of Astound Broadband and must be returned if service is disconnected. Credit card, license number or social security number may be required to receive a digital cable receiver, digital video recorder or HD receiver. Franchise fees and taxes apply. Not available in all areas. Other restrictions may apply. Prices subject to change.